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Dear friends,

Welcome to the family of RNTYC (Rabindranath Tagore Youth Council).Our Council is now like a blooming flower. But it will soon flourish all its petals and be known by its fragrance of success. We have taken oath to make your future secure by providing you the best training and proper guidance.The complete syllabus has been carefully designed to meet specific needs in today’s highly competitive environment.I hereby wish all of my students to look forward for making of bright and prosperous future.I am specially thankful to all the Centre Heads who shared their consolidated efforts to make us a renouned Skill & Vocational training provider organisation.

The journey continues.The new organisation structure has been built around State Co-ordinators, District Managers and Block Managers and partcipatory mode of management is being promoted.A seperate Projects & Development Group was formed to diversifiy into social project arena.Let us now strive for even higher goals and let us keep the people of India at the center of our work.

With best wishes
Mr.Abhijit Ghosh

Rabindranath Tagore Youth Council

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rntyc1234@gmail.com, +91 7001639780 ; 7478148042
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